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LA Angels Welcome Oakland to Anaheim, gifting a 3-2 bullpen loss

Nothing I could type will be as pithy as 24 more hours of mediocrity.

Harry How


The LA Angels welcomed the smokin' red hot green and gold goo Oakland A's to town with a real Major League Baseball experience that included a working sewer system, a sanitary clubhouse, a stadium full of baseball fans, and lovely weather. They even gifted them Hector Santiago as a starting pitcher. And they Santiago out on the mound for longer than ever, just to tempt fate. Then, for further measure, they threw in one Mike Trout impersonating Jeff Mathis, and five guys who can't even hit their own weight. Hell, two of them can't even hit their wives' weight..

This team could not have been any more hospitable. We're talkin' Mother Teresa levels of hospitality here.

Oh. wait, Sure they could. The Angels could offer up the worst bullpen in America. There it was, sitting out there in left field all nice and comfortable. A staff that can't throw strikes against a team that only swings at meatballs.

Magic. John Jaso smacks a two run homer off of Ernesto Frieri with Josh Donaldson aboard and quickly turns a 2-1 potential Halo win into a 3-2 bee sting of misery upon which we might all dwell for the next 24 hours. Everything after that was merely hot mess.

One wonders what some other decision maker might have done with an 8th-inning reliever who had thrown only 11 pitches, 7 for strikes, facing only 3 batters.

P.S. - Just for fun, compare the Howie Kendrick first base challenge with this, and focus on all that "closing of the glove" thing.