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Tuesday Halolinks: Angels still a losing team

The Angels haven't had a winning record in over a year, last night's game showed why.

Stephen Dunn

I thought I had the post game writing duties last night, so I drank an energy drink to keep me awake, diligently watched every minute of the game in order to write an in-depth and thorough analysis of the game, and sat down in front of my computer at the top of the ninth.  I started writing about Pujols' home run, Santiago's first Angel win, and how the Angels were finally above the .500 mark.  Much like the game, it was all a waste.  Stirrups had already written the post-game.  Oh well, here's a brief outline of yesterday's news proudly called, Halolinks:

  • This one sentence is harrowing: Jaso's ninth-inning homer pushes A's past Angels - Yahoo Sports.  "Strange as it sounds, the Los Angeles Angels have not had a winning record since winning on Opening Day in 2013."  Yes folks, the Angels have been a losing team for over a year now.  And honestly, they weren't that good in 2012 either.
  • I don't know what to think about this instant replay stuff.  Over the weekend, umpires in the Yankee-Red Sox matchup missed an obvious play at second base, and then had almost the exact same play as last night's Kendricks play on Sunday: Angels lose instant replay challenge in key spot in ninth -  "I just looked at it, and he was safe," Scioscia said after the loss. "I don't know if they're getting different angles or what's happening, but it's just an unfortunate thing of this process right now, and it's frustrating."  I thought getting plays correct was almost a no-brainer once they introduced hi-def instant replays into the game.  Nope, just more confusion.
  • I've been a pretty big Hector Santiago supporter so far this season, so I was really bummed when he didn't get his first win of the season: Oakland Athletics vs. Los Angeles Angels - Recap - April 14, 2014 - ESPN.  "It appeared Frieri needed more consoling from Santiago than vice versa. "I closed in 2012, so I know how it is, man. You've got to have a short memory and forget about it," Santiago said. "He's going to close more games than he blows. He said `Sorry' to me, but I told him: `No, don't worry about it, man. We're all out here battling.' I could have given up a two-run homer and given up the lead in the seventh."
  • Oakland Athletics at Los Angeles Angels - April 15, 2014 | Preview
    Garrett Richards, who has given up just one earned run in the 12 innings that have spanned his first two starts, will go up against fellow 25-year-old right-hander Dan Straily. Richards posted a 5.55 ERA in five games (four starts) against the A's last year, but is fresh off twirling seven scoreless innings against the Mariners on Wednesday. Straily has struggled through a 5.82 ERA in six career starts against the Angels, but is off to a solid start in 2014, and is coming off pitching seven innings of one-run ball against the Twins on Thursday.  Athletics-Angels Preview - Yahoo Sports
    "Just from experience, I think the game has slowed down a little bit for me," Richards told the team's official website. "It's basically come down to me just executing pitches."
  • Watch the video, it's pretty brilliant: Phillies Fans' Reactions To Dan Uggla's Grand Slam Are Amazing.  "Your most compelling sports video of the year comes from ESPN, which caught these Phillies fans taunting Dan Uggla—then being rudely interrupted by Uggla's grand slam. It was brilliant enough (seriously, great job ESPN) but we took it a bit further with extreme slow motion."  From that video, we get this GIF that captures exactly how I felt last night during Jaso's at-bat:
  • Yeah, but can he pitch the ninth? Halos' Hamilton to start working out Friday -  "Hamilton will have his stitches removed on Friday, while also getting the hard cast around his left thumb replaced with a splint. He can't do any rehab with his surgically repaired thumb until May 2, but he can start running, lifting, swinging off a tee with his bottom hand -- the most important hand for a hitter -- and "doing all the things I need to do to keep in shape" once he gets the stitches removed."
  • Chorizo Sausage Eats It During Sausage Race 

    My favorite part?  When the chorizo sees the hot girl sitting in the front row...Chorizo_medium
    At my age I've learned to celebrate any time a sausage stands erect. (I may write for this blog, but that doesn't mean I don't have a twelve year-old's sense of humor).
  • I saw this headline and instantly broke out in a cold sweat.  "Oh no, they've finally found me!"  This Is The Worst Baseball Column.  "What is really dumbfounding about this is that over the weekend, in the year 2014, Scott DeSmit decided to write about the 2012 MVP race between Miguel Cabrera and Mike Trout. His beef? Sabermetrics caused the debate in the first place, when Miguel Cabrera should have won outright because he won the Triple Crown."  Here's a link to the referenced post.  If you read the clipped portion, you'll probably think he's describing Mike Trout, not Miguel Cabrera: Scott DeSmit: Just give me a kid who can play the game - The Daily News Online.  "You can have your computer-generated scouting reports. Give me that kid who dives into second base headfirst stretching a single or smashes into the outfield wall leaping for a fly ball or hits 450-feet home runs or bats .320 and steals 50 bases and give me that pitcher who waves off his manager when he reaches 100 in the pitch count. And I’ll take a Triple Crown winner over anyone."