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Brennan Boesch Gets The Call

Boesch promoted over Matt Long to replace injured OF Kole Calhoun

Jamie Squire

Outfielder Brennan Boesch turned 29 on Saturday and got the ultimate birthday present - a call back to the show. he will be in uniform tonight as the Angels look to salvage one game of a three game set in Anaheim with the Oakland Athletics. Boesch is not in the starting lineup tonight. Boesch replaces injured Kole Calhoun.

Boesch made his major league debut with the Tigers in 2010 and interestingly enough the Angels open a nine game road trip with three games in Detroit beginning Friday night. Boesch was signed as a free agent for outfield depth by Jerry Dipoto and had an OPS of .761 in Spring Training.

Scott Boaras represents Boesch but that doesn't mean he is all bad. He has 3.0 offensive WAR in 403 caeer big league games. Sadly he has -2.7 Defensive WAR in the outfield. That negative WAR with the glove almost cancels out his contributions with the bat, which are barely above replacement level when playing time is accounted for.

But don't hate him for the low WAR or the Boras connection. Hate the fact that 2/3 of our starting outfield is injured. Josh Hamilton is out a minimum of another five weeks and Calhoun is out four weeks at the very least.