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Angels Players Openly Questioning Scioscia - First Domino Falling?

First Weave puking... then CJ ... now Hector ...Just sayin'...

"Can we keep this our little secret?"
"Can we keep this our little secret?"
Harry How

Mike Scioscia's once tight-lipped clubhouse has had more questioning of the manager's approach in the first three games of the season than in the past fourteen seasons combined.

Check it out:

On Monday, a visibly angry Jered Weaver avoided any clichés in his postgame interview

Rare for an Angel to do. A Halo player speaking out is almost unheard of, other than the occasional Torii Hunter foot-in-mouth of days gone by. But any comments that even sniff of "sad-fact-analysis" have been scarce... why? Well the respect that Mike Scioscia garners ... or should we say garnered... the respect players had for him kept any questioning of anything game related to the side. But no more.

And remember, this is the Anaheim press, the furthest thing from a controversy-bating Boston press pack that will ever darken a major league clubhouse doorway. They go out of their way to follow in the footsteps of Lyle Spencer and speak of Scioscia's managerial style in the hushed tones that Vatican altar boys reserve for the Pope.

But ask a softball question, get a controversial answer and they WILL in fact publish the retort... like after Game 2 with a discussion of Scioscia's calling for an IBB to Robinson Cano to load the bases, pitcher C.J. Wilson promptly threw his manager under the bus and curtly declined to talk about - underscoring his disdain for the Soth's strategy with CURT to the max 'TUDE.

And so tonight, asked about being taken out of the game, Hector Santiago sees the water is warm and jumps in the pool...

Just randomness or a pattern developing?