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Cammo Watch: Josh Wall Down Nick Maronde Up

Cam Bedrosian has not been promoted to the Angels yet despite their bullpen needing him.

Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels sent reliever Josh Wall back down to the minors and recalled Nick Maronde. This delivers a lefty to the pen but leaves the superior Cam Bedrosian trapped in the minor leagues at a time when the Halos desperately need a superior shut down relief pitcher.

Josh Wall was historically terrible in his two-game, one-inning-pitched stint with the big club. He faced eleven batters and allowed six earned runs. His ERA as an Angel is 54.00

That is the second highest ERA in Halo History. The highest is 81.00 recorded by the late Terry Wilshusen. If there is a sequel to Field of Dreams perhaps Terry will show up. Here is the wikipedia account of his entire major league career - 1/3 of an inning with the 1973 California Angels:

Terry Wayne Wilshusen (March 22, 1949 – December 1, 2000) was a professional baseball pitcher. He appeared in one game in Major League Baseball for the California Angels on April 7 during the 1973 California Angels season. He faced four batters, walking two and hitting one while getting just one out. All three of the batters who reached base scored, leaving Wilshusen with a career ERA of 81.00.

No word on the cause of death at age 51 for the former Angel.

Josh Wall got three outs on Saturday, lowering his ERA to 54 from INFINITY.