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Albert Pujols Hits Home Run #500

Let the Accolades Begin...

Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Albert Pujols hit the 500th regular season home run of his career in the top of the fifth inning in Washington D.C. in a game against the Nationals. He had hit his 499th earlier in the first inning of the game.

Pujols becomes the second player in baseball history to hit his 500th career home run while wearing an Angels uniform. Reggie Jackson was the first when he did it in Anaheim in 1985.

Both of Tuesday night's bombs were surrendered by Nationals starting pitcher Taylor Jordan. Pujols hit his 400th career home run against pitcher Jordan Zimmermann on the road in DC back in 2010.

Both home runs were caught by visiting Angels fans. Thomas Sherrill was interviewed on the Angels telecast by Victor Rojas and Mark Gubicza after catching the 500th home run in the way-gone centerfield seats. Roy Kirkley of the OC caught #499 in the left field seats.

Pujols leads the majors with eight home runs. He was tied with Mark Trumbo with seven home runs after his first inning blast.

Only Alex Rodriguez and Jimmie Foxx were younger than Albert when they hit their 500th home runs. Albert is 34 years, three months and six days old. Can we set the clock to #600?