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Angels Balk Back Under .500

Yankees squeak by on luck and bad umpiring...


This game was ridiculously close and is nothing to kick the dog over. It wasn't even a game of inches, it was a game of millimeters. The bounces did not go the way that benefited the Angels but there were more positive takeaways from this disciplined crew than there were negatives. The worst thing you can say is that the Angels were 2 for 14 with Runners in scoring position.

Wait... that sucks.

The Angels had a lot of opportunities against the Yankees but the floodgates just never opened up. Perhaps the levee broke last night and now the drought could have been expected. Eh... there were a lot of good signs by the club but the loss came down to Howie Kendrick not hitting with men in scoring position a few times and Hector Santiago not putting some innings to bed earlier and a lame, lame balk call.

It was more a game of imprecision than derision. The Halos did fall back under .500 to 11-12 but it was less the doom and gloom feeling that a blown save gives one so keep the faith.

They face Tanaka tomorrow night in New York... ugh.