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Garrett Richards Dazzles But Offense, Bullpen Abandon Him

It is a Nine Inning Game

...there there there...
...there there there...

Garrett Richards had an amazing, seven-inning start in Yankee Stadium and went seven strong innings, allowing only two runs. The offense could only muster two runs in that time. The bullpen made sure to crush all hope. Michael Kohn laid out a leadoff walk... you can figure out the rest.

Did you get sick of that "Guard Your Manhood" commercial that ESPN broadcast 40 times during the nine inning game? It was a big lead up to the Halo bullpen "leaking a little".

Angels are 11-13 after 24 games. They batted terribly with men in scoring position, they struck out eleven times at the hands of Masahiro Tanaka despite having him on the ropes at many junctures in the game.

But let's look at the bright side - Garrett Richards is looking ace-worthy, David Freese hit a home run (?!?!!!) and the national media had to pay attention to Mike Trout and Albert Pujols - offending Yankee fans used to their guys getting all the attention.