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Yankees Series Game Thread Attendance Report

Were You in Class This Weekend?


It was a fun, close series in the Bronx, too bad we didn't get better results but "It's Early™", right? Anyway, here is a look at who was on the game threads here at Halos Heaven over the weekend...

Roll Call Info
Total comments 3,186
Total commenters 94
Commenter list 2112Fortuna, 5thStarter, Angelsfan015, Angelsrthebest101, Barca, BearWithJetpack, BigDaddyMatty, Caseys Kiss of Death, Chone's Chonies, Christie2002, Clutch, Designerguy, Dick Armada, Dono Romantico, Donut Holschtein, Downing Rules, E.ReidROY, Eric in Portland, Halos2008, HamboneZone13, Hutch83, Idahalo, Jack Frostt, Jerry Lai, JerryDipotoPhD, JustJDawg, KidRob76, LAA of A Fan, LAASurfin, LanaBanana, LosAngel, MH252525, Marcotor, Marine Layer, MikeSP310, MikeSalmon, Monk e, Morales8, NPCody, Nine-a-side, NorthernNeighbour, OCangels, OMAHALO FAN, Oxygen48, PhiSlamma, Pipo, Rev Halofan, SCHalo, ScottyBaby!, The Flying V, TheGodofRuns, TheKingfish, Tom Servo 93, Turks Teeth, UK Halo, Unclearnie, VPBOB, aaronkc7, angelsfan7, angelslogic, autry's cowboys, bc56274, bryansan, carternorris, cath619, clover_black, dwoodard78, eyespy, firebird81, flailing, frmysteryman, halo24, hatcher is my homeboy, htennis, iLoveLamp, ihigh, jimmuscomp, kevinivek, kleinm, ladybug, matthiasstephan, migfig, monkeys54, opiejeanne, pereubu77, red floyd, ryanfea, salmonforever, sherikay, smithy610, snowhor, stuck in Romania, tanana40, tolbs1010
Story URLs

Okay so now let's look at who commented the most - If you made 25 or more comments over the weekend series you are listed here...

# Commenter # Comments
1 Designerguy 304
2 angelsfan7 234
3 ryanfea 165
4 Downing Rules 162
5 KidRob76 143
6 NorthernNeighbour 141
7 tanana40 125
8 red floyd 111
9 TheKingfish 108
10 angelslogic 105
11 eyespy 93
12 LanaBanana 85
13 stuck in Romania 74
14 JerryDipotoPhD 73
15 E.ReidROY 65
16 BigDaddyMatty 64
17 Christie2002 62
18 ladybug 60
19 frmysteryman 58
20 LAASurfin 57
21 UK Halo 54
22 Angelsfan015 51
23 bryansan 49
24 MikeSalmon 42
25 firebird81 37
26 TheGodofRuns 31
27 Eric in Portland 29
28 LAA of A Fan 29
29 opiejeanne 28
30 Rev Halofan 27
31 flailing 27
32 Unclearnie 26
33 smithy610 26
34 ScottyBaby! 25
35 cath619 25

And now for the "Most Rec'd Comments" of the series - if you got two recs you get mentioned here. Remember to rec your favorite comments - you never know when they are going to show up in the top listings here!

# Recs Commenter Comment Link
3 ryanfea Yankees suck
2 angelsfan7 DUCKS WIN!!!!!!
2 tanana40 he just missed him, just missed him
2 Eric in Portland I note that Girardi pulled Tanaka before he got into trouble
2 Designerguy Is this his last season? I haven't heard any broadcasters mention it.
2 stuck in Romania I think Wilson should get a black Sharpie and color a spot on his neck to mock Pineda
2 KidRob76 Trout is NOT the new Jeter
2 Designerguy Selig announces investigation. Suspicious that Yankees are being shutout by a west coast team
2 Designerguy No love for Freese?

Next up is the Indians in Anaheim - be on the Game Thread or be written out of history...