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Week 04 Pregame Picks Results

Week 4 Leader: drawp
Overall Leader: lodihalofan

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

Week 4 Results here.
A fairly tame week in terms of points, but drawp heads the pack this week with a respectable 7-point week! halofan1 barely misses the top spot by a single point!

Overall Results here.
Week 2's leader LodiHaloFan has reclaimed the crown after a good performance this week.  Unfortunately it was the case again last week's leader would struggle this week! btown100 drew a blank and fell into 2nd, which got a little more crowded as blast21dave has climbed his way up to the silver spot as well!

Top 5 looks like this:

LodiHaloFan 21
blast21dave 19
Btown100 19
1964 18
angelsfan7 18