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Angels Win in Windy Weaver Waver

It was a weird game, it gets a weird headline...

High Five!
High Five!
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 6 Indians 4


The Angels beat the Indians and got back to .500 at 13-13 but it took a while. The middle relief reminded every shopper to put antacids on their list if they intend to tune in to many more games before something, anything, is done to fix the most obvious weak spot on a team that is otherwise gelling.

This is a game that will be remembered most for a first inning HR-robbing catch by Mike Trout. Lonnie Chisenhall blasted one to the deep part of the park but Trout got his glove to the wall as the ball was making it over and the leather was part of the stadium, keeping the ball in the yard, and in the glove, called an out and saving a run.

Weaver was in control despite a weird Santa Ana wind that seemed to distract him throughout his time on the mound. The Angels were up 4-0 at one point but he allowed a monster Carlos Santana HR that the wind tried to swat back to the field. At 4-2 Weaver allowed four consecutive hits in the sixth and was removed for Michael Kohn who cleaned up with nine pitches but that was enough for Mike Scioscia who brought in Yoslan Herrera to begin the seventh. Disaster. Nick Maronde followed. Disaster. The game was tied and it took Kevin Jepsen getting two outs to save the day - and the final out was a wind-aided holding back of a Jason Giambi fly ball that might have been a home run on many other days.

Meanwhile the Angels were 5 for 18 with men in scoring position. That is lame. They had twelve hits in the game and many scoring opportunities but when all your hits are singles the holes in the lineup are like a Swiss Cheese appetizer for opposing pitchers to chew around. Regardless of the frustrations, though, they got it done. Fernando Salas pitched a scoreless eighth inning and Smith was quick on a night that everything else took forever - The 8.5 regulation innings took three hours and thirty six minutes according to the official box score.

This was the first game that the Angels got a play reversed thru the use of the challenge call that the would-be out  actually scored. J.B. Shuck grounded into what appeared to be a double play. He was ruled safe at 1B and would eventually score after a Collin Cowgill walk and a Howie Kendrick base hit.

Weaver struck out six but ran out of gas in the heat of a dry Santa Ana night. It is not even summer Jered, and look at the lame crew that has been assembled to help you and the lame prose the blogger heaps on your situation there in the wind on the mound. Scary. It took six Halo pitchers to record eleven outs in relief of the Weave.