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Top 100 Angels is Now a Book

Buy it on Amazon for $7.99 in Paperback

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Some of the Top 100 Celebrate!
Some of the Top 100 Celebrate!
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

After a lifetime of being an Angels fan and spending this past offseason compiling and ranking the Top 100 Angels of all time I have published the essays that you read here as a book. It is now available on Amazon.Com for $7.99 - HERE IS THE LINK TO THE PAGE - I am sure it will make great bathroom reading and would of course make a great gift if you have other people in your life who are Angels fans.

In organizing the book I realized I had to stay out of the dicey territory of trademark violations. I shied away from any photos of players and added hilarious baseball cartoons by artist Jim Caron that are surreal meditations on the sport. The essays would logically be accompanied by a photograph of the player but to pay for the rights for that would have made this an unfeasible project. A picture that I took of the player? Probably protected but not necessarily if they were wearing the uniform - imagine photshopping the logo on their cap and blurring the letters on the jersey - what a waste of time and for almost no payoff.

I hope a few of you buy this. Sure you can read all the essays here on the site but a book is just nice; maybe I am just stuck in the twentieth century. Either way, enjoy.