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Angels First Win is a Blowout in Houston

Team shows up for the season three games late.

Pleased to meet you!
Pleased to meet you!
Bob Levey

Final Score in Houston: Angels 11 Astros 1

Hey that was nice.

The Yankees lost two of three to the Astros earlier this week, but even when handicapped with a sloppy Garrett Richards on the mound, the Angels blew the Texas two-steppers out past Galveston.

They did it with the bats alright, with three home runs - Josh Hamilton, Kole Calhoun and that kid from New Jersey each hit a souvenir into the seats. But the highlight of the game may well be the throw home on the charge that Mike Trout made to the plate, getting the ball to Chris Iannetta in time to easily tag out the runner headed home on a hard hit ball.

So there was Trout's D and his bat, hitting by Hambone, three guys with with two RBI, fifteen hits total, yeah lots of fun - but there was also the Astros not fielding worth a hoot and anti-clutching on offense like transmissions falling out on ignition. Maybe another team would have done more damghe on the three hits and five walks he allowed. But his seven strikeouts came to major league hitters (no pitchers-batting stat inflation like they do in that other league). And give a hand to the bullpen of doom - the four horseman of the apocalypse (Fernando Salas, Michael Kohn, Kevin Jepsen and Nick Maronde) each pitched a scoreless inning.

Maybe we got us a team of road warriors!