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Angels Win - Skaggs Debut a Masterpiece

Tyler Skaggs may be the real deal

Bob Levey

Tyler Skaggs in his Angels debut: 8 IP, 4 H, 5 K, 1 BB, 0 ER

Did I need to write anything else?

Well okay, Josh Hamilton looked better than ever and made sure it wasn't the type of game where the pitcher is dealing but still on a tightrope. Lots of wiggle room and young Skaggs danced. Houston, we have a piper to be paid.

Did an Angels pitcher even throw eight innings of 1-run ball at all in the last two or three seasons? This is completely out of character for the culture of the team the past few seasons and is hopefully contagious.

Skaggs was drafted by the Angels and traded to the Diamondbacks along with Joe Saunders and Pat Corbin for Dan Haren. The the Angels traded Mark Trumbo to AZ for Skaggs and Hector Santiago. A revived Josh Hambone saves Anaheim the need to replace the Trumbomb - who by the way is raking in the National League Dessert and now Saunders is sabotaging the Rangers, Haren is sabotaging the Dodgers and Corbin is awaiting Tommy John surgery.

Sounds like we got a good deal for once. Enjoy!