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Angels Wilt While Weaver Withers

Halo Hitters Humbled - Houston Handles Homering

Bob Levey

Final Score in Houston: Angels 4 Astros 7

Jered Weaver allowed four home runs and the Angels bats fell silent against Houston's ace Scott Feldman.

Angels telecaster Victor Rojas summed it up "Credit Feldman for sticking to his game plan - and with no adjustments made by the Angels why should he change?"

The Angels seemed incapable of playing the runner-advancing small ball that Mike Scioscia copyrighted in 2002, hacking for popouts with men aboard and swinging for the fences when a simple line drive would do. And when the line drives did come with men aboard did come they were straight into the gloves of Astro infielders. So when they didn't make the effort it was one of those games and when they did square the ball up it was one of THOSE games.

Once Feldman was gone, the Angels put a big dent into a 7-1 deficit against Astro relief and actually brought the tying run to the plate. Houston had to bring in Chad Qualls which may bode well for the Angels for the fourth game of the series Monday morning as the Halo pen is rested outside of Matt Shoemaker.

The bigger question, more troubling than a Sunday afternoon road loss, is what might be going on with Weaver. What do you think?