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Angels Moving to Irvine? LA Times Hints it is So!

Arte Headed Six Miles South?

So long...
So long...

While the city of Anaheim's mayor Tom Tait seems assured that the parcel of land holding Angel Stadium is worth more to the city with the Angels gone, the LA Times reported that Arte Moreno isn't taking Tait's twaddle as a negotiating ploy.

THE LA TIMES IS REPORTING that the Angels have begun meeting and discussing the replacement site in case they leave the Big A behind for good. Arte can opt out of the stadium lease beginning in 2016. That is AFTER next season, these things have a way of speeding up - "Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans" John Lennon sang - and while we go about our day thinking that Angel Stadium of Anaheim will always be there, perhaps the next time you visit there you maybe take some pictures... it could be there might be fewer than 150 games left in the old venue.

Bill Shaikin's article gives a lot of little details about whether Arte will get "This Parcel" or "That Parcel" in Irvine, or maybe in Tustin - it is like Arte is getting dumped by Anaheim and Bill Shaikin is OKCUPID setting him up with Miss Irvine and her "rack of parcels" or Miss Tustin and her "easy access" freeways. Kind of gross, kind of sad, kind of makes the sentimentalists among us hate Tom Tait.

Those of us who are looking at the wheels of progress turning understand that a new stadium will generate big revenue for Arte and the Angels and that the team will not have to pay into revenue-sharing luxury taxes during construction - a loophole that inspired George Steinbrenner to gut the old "House that Ruth Built" and build whatever they call that thing they got now. Where will Mike Trout call home in 2016? Where will your season tickets be in Irvine Stadium? Will you catch the 600th career home run of Albert Pujols in the bleachers Tustin Park?