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MondoLinks: Weekend recap of Angels and Blue Jays

Oh! It's been a pretty good weekend in Canada, eh? 3 games won out of 3, but a tough Mark Buerhle takes the mound for the Jays today. Lots of news throughout MLB this weekend, but most of that was about players hitting the DL, so I'll skip all that stuff.

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Let it be said that Garrett Richards, Tyler Skaggs and Jered Weaver all lost their no-hitters in their first inning of work on Friday, Saturday and Sunday respectively, and Yu Darvish lost his no-hitter in his 9th inning of work. So they all did likewise: didn't throw a no-hitter and won their outing. I don't know what the big deal was there between Texas and Boston. Richards was strong over 7 innings and Raul Ibanez sac-flied in the 9th to push the Angels over the Blue Jays 4-3 on Friday.  So Skaggs takes over on Saturday and blazes through 8-plus innings, holding the Jays to 4 hits, C.J. Cron hammers the first homer of his illustrious future career (making a mockery of the all the naysayers who doubted the LAA farm system back in the day), and the Halos win 5-3.  That brings us to Sunday, and back to the top of the rotation. Weaver did give up a run in the first inning, and did take himself out of the game in the 7th, but by then the Angels were already up 7-1 fueled primarily by a truly King Conger performance as Hank Conger went 3 for 4, scoring a run, and driving in 5 with a major part being a 3-run home run. (So how long before somebody thinks the secret to scoring 9 runs are pink bats??)  So the Angels have clinched the series, with a chance for a sweep as C.J. Wilson takes over this afternoon.

I know many of you are worried, so there may be good news. Ian Stewart might not be going to the DL after all, after getting hit by a pitch in the 7th inning on Sunday. X-rays taken in Toronto were negative, but Stewart confesses that he is really, really sore.

I'm not that thrilled about this whole instant replay system, but I have to admit that I am pretty damn happy to realize the potential of fixing whatever mistakes that can be fixed. I'm also happy to see close calls that go in favor of LAA be upheld as accurate. And it happened again yesterday. So that's pretty great.

Dane De La Rosa is still coming. He's still not here, but he's still coming. Not for Toronto, nor Philadelphia, maybe not the Rays. Maybe the Astros, maybe not. We have this accuracy thanks to Mike Scioscia.  "He continues to make progress." Scioscia said. "Dane will be here sooner rather than later, but exactly what day that will be, we are still working out some things. He's definitely close."  Stuff like "we are still working out some things" always leave me dumbfounded. Like, what, did Dane flunk his sock drawer sorting or something?

After today, the Angels dip their toe in Philadelphia for a quick pair, a night game followed by a day game followed by a plane trip home. Reading the Philadelphia POV gives us an interesting tidbit: the Phillies play rather poorly during the week (8-16), whereas they play pretty great on weekends (9-3).

The Cubs lost their 10,000 game, something inevitable for any team in the game long enough. The Halos have lost 4,253 in their franchise history and are still 14 games under .500 all-time...........Never forget. Dipoto wanted Carlos Marmol really bad. Marmol has been DFA'd. By the Marlins. "Couldn't get people out. I did the best I could, but it didn't work out good."............Mitch Williams, one pretty good reason that Jim Fregosi doesn't have a World Series ring, is still looking for some level of baseball he can dominate. And now he finds that it isn't going to be among 10 year old kids.


Moreno-Carpino Shame Update

Jim Fregosi still not being honored with a memorial patch.


36 games lost. Only 126 games remaining to save face.

Not even a paddleboard...