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Blue Jays Bring The Long Ball To Beat Halos, Blocking Series Sweep

Toronto waited until the final game of a four game series to tell the Angels to "Take off!".

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score: Angels 3 Blue Jays 7

C.J. Wilson got his requisite "bad inning" out of the way early, giving up three runs in the first via Jose Bautista's bomb to the cheap seats. The phrase "eat the frog" comes to mind, which is usually said in regards to getting those tedious or terrifying tasks of your day out of the way as early as possible, freeing up not only your time but putting your mind at ease, as well. Perhaps C.J. was trying to eat the frog, to which I'd normally be fine with, if it meant the pitcher could get down to the business of winning games there afterward. But today, that was not the case, as the Halos would go on to give up another homer to Bret Lawrie in the bottom of the sixth. That would be enough to fell the traveling Angels in this contest, and send them on their way to Philadelphia with a series win, but not the elusive four-game series sweep.

There was some good, however, to be seen in this game and hopefully carried over to the remainder of their current road trip. Mike Trout continues to heat up, making us all forget those horrid days(read: a week or two) when he seemed ALMOST human. The future MVP connected on a double in the bottom of the third, driving in two. His average is still in the dumps, relatively speaking, but he's had a good series in the Great White North and he's now primed to show his favorite childhood team(Phillies) what's up.

Also of note, C.J. Cron hit a solo shot to left-center in the top of the eighth, making all of us fans at home smile ear to ear. This kid is a beast thus far, a man who throughout Westeros is referred to as The Mountain That Hits. I hope he continues to get his ABs, getting better at taking balls and perhaps also working a bit on his defensive skills at first base. But that being said, there is a power there...pure, unadulterated power(to paraphrase the movie Supergirl).

The Phillies are next up, and if we're all lucky, Mike Scioscia will have another graduation to attend.