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Week 07 Pregame Picks Results!

Week 7 Leader: designerguy
Overall Leader: Btown100 (2 wk streak)

Tom Szczerbowski

First... some catchup, actually... a complete catchup of this week's results

Game 36 | Game 37 | Game 38 | Game 39 | Game 40 | Game 41 | Game 42

Week 7 Results here

designerguy reigns supreme this week with an impressive 10 points! Scoring a perfect score on the risky over/under game certainly helps! k3yerout was able to hit 2nd with 8 points for the week, and 4 people tied with 7 points!

Overall results here

Btown100 stays atop the list. angelsfan7 is still in 2nd (for the 3rd week in a row!)
Designerguy has jumped into the top 5 with a stellar performance this week!

Here is the rest of the top 5:

Btown100 36
angelsfan7 35
blast21dave 34
designerguy 33
LodiHaloFan 32
Professor Baseball 32