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Mythical Sean Burnett Sighted In 6-1 Victory

Team rules apparently allow relief pitcher to throw with left hand.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

I did my first post-game wrap-up some time in 2010. Angels baseball has been kind of grim since then, and the dark times seemed better than the just plain boring times. Even the nightly superstorm of pure baseball energy that is Mike Trout met its match in two straight demoralizing starts overall. These early months have been brutal to watch at times; it's almost hard to remember that the 2012 team actually finished well in the end. So here's an interesting place to be. It's still May, but things are pretty much okay right now and could get even better. Yeah, that feels weird to type. Good, but a little weird.

Lots of fun stuff to talk about tonight, particularly in the lineup (though to be fair, Lorenzo Cain's grab was pretty sick too). Kendrick, Trout, Cron, Aybar, and Green all had two hits, big doubles for Cron and Green, homers for Trout and Ianetta. Sean Burnett, the lead man in last year's awesome bullpen that never was, apparently still wears a uniform. It was only a third of an inning but a competent lefty would add some refreshing variety to Mike Scioscia's Spin-The-Wheel-Of-Equally-Inferior-Right-Handed-Relief-Options. Also, is anyone selling subprime mortgage-backed securities on Mike Morin? Because right now I am buying.

And then there's CJ Wilson. Truthfully, he's been entirely adequate as a healthy, above-average starting pitcher for the Angels, and so far he's having his best season since signing the big contract. There's really not much to complain about here, but I'm not sure if I can ever get excited about his starts. I actually stumbled home from work exhausted in after the first inning, fell asleep for like 90 minutes and was startled to see that it was just the bottom of the fourth when I finally regained consciousness. Again, CJ's numbers are comfortably good if not great; tonight itself maybe falling short of good (4 walks, 2 hit batters, bleh). He just has to walk that dude with two outs and a runner on second before he can get that ground ball, or toss a junkball into the other batter's box as soon as he has the batter 1-and-2. And then he seems to take. For. Ever. To. Just. Throw. The Ball. once a runner gets on, maybe just to piss me off. Well, whatever, I'll count the win anyways.

Just 2.5 behind AL-leading Oakland, and it isn't even summer yet. Guess I'll have to watch tomorrow too.