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Angels Tank Late, Sabotaging Lego-Fest

A game of almosts

Lisa Blumenfeld

Final Score in 13: Angels 4 Royals 7 ... LegoFest 0, Baseball gods 1

The baseball gods were not happy with the assumption that a 4:15 PM local time start would give the stadium crowd (teeming with little kids looking to get their Lego on) an easy segue into screening The Lego Movie on the jumbotron screens after the game. Did they assume 7:15 PM - well, the baseball gods were not complying - there is no clock in baseball. The game lasted a shade under five hours. Number of whiny brats who wanted their movie and wanted it right now. "Ye shall wait ye little runts", sayeth the baseball gods.

The Angels battled back from a 3-0 deficit and took a 4-4 game into extra innings, got the first batter of each inning on base for three consecutive innings and could not cash one in.

The battles of the relievers finally found young Mike Morin tank big time in the top of the thirteenth inning, leaving a game of leaving men on base and runners in scoring position. The Angels could not have driven a run in had they booked an über app ride.

On the good side of things, Oakland lost, the game was James Shields versus Matt Shoemaker so it was the Royals really to lose and a few inches or bounces here and there and the Halos would have taken it. Not the worst loss of the season, not acceptable, but a reminder to those who would schedule kiddie events before bedtimes that the baseball gods frown on such notions.

Oh, and regarding the National Fox telecast: Matt Vagerian is okay enough but Eric Karros is a biased announcer and on behalf of all Angels fans allow me to invite him to stick it where the sun does not shine.