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Week 08 Results

Week 8 Leader: atlantangel
Overall Leader: angelsfan7

Lisa Blumenfeld

Catchup: Game 47 | Game 48

Week 08 Results here:

Impressively, no two members have topped the chart for the week thusfar. And that trend continues as atlantangel scores the most this week with 9 points! angelslogic and Monkeys54 were just short from the top spot... scoring 9

Overall Results here:

Overall.. a new leader has emerged! Perennial silver medalist angelsfan7 has upgraded to gold! Btown100 suffered a bit of a drought this week and fell to 2nd, where designerguy is also waiting! The gap is only 2 points, so a change next week certainly wouldn't surprising...

Top 5 looks like the following:

angelsfan7 40
designerguy 38
Btown100 38
blast21dave 37
Professor Baseball 37