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C.J. Wilson Quality Start Can't Touch King Felix

Felix was on. Angels were off.

yeah... no.
yeah... no.
Otto Greule Jr

Final Score in Seattle: Angels 1 Mariners 3

C.J. Wilson had to be perfect on a night that Felix Hernandez allowed two hits. Well, he put in a 7.2 Inning Quality Start of three earned runs. The King meanwhile had his way all night. When the Halos finally scored with two outs in the ninth you had to wonder whether or not he had even broken a sweat the Angels were so behind his offerings. I lost count of how many times Victor Rojas said something like"Fly ball, well hit, (name a Mariners Outfielder) got a great jump on it and the out is recorded. It was that kind of night. a two-run lead was like a ten-run lead.

Fernando Rodney came in to get the last out - he got a fly out to the SS from David Freese and the Angels were suddenly 2.5 games back of Oakland in the AL West.

Just one of those games, we had to be perfect and instead our pitching was merely great. The bats did squat against one of the best and when our threat finally came we were a day late and a dollar short.