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Garrett Richards Abandons Angels in Loss to Oakland

At least we made them burn through their pen...

...shave and a haircut, two bits...
...shave and a haircut, two bits...
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 5 Athletics 9

The Angels were down early in a hole dug by Garrett Richards, who got into trouble and was gone before the bottom of the first inning was done having allowed five earned runs.

I think it is time for a drinking song...

Oh damn Garrett Richards
He once was a pitcher
He threw strikes and would often astound

But now damn Garrett Richards
Turned us all into bitchers
and can't hear us cuz he's not around

Down 5-0 after one inning the Angels kept Oakland honest, stayed in the game and got great long relief from callup Wade LeBlanc. The net result was that Oakland had to dip into their pen but the Halos just needed one inning out of a reliever of consequence, Michael Kohn, to mop up this ugly spill. LeBlanc allowed four runs in 6.1 IP striking out four A's. Silver lining, right? Grasping for straws maybe? No, it was great to see LeBlanc pitch well and the Angels bats to hang in there. Oakland is tough this year and the Halos are going to have to be ready for them while they are tough, before the summer heat in Arlington makes them wilt, what? oh, uh, before the Kingdome turf slows them down, wait, huh? Oh well, we have met our nemesis tonight and now we know which dragon is going to need slaying in the AL West - the Green and Gold Ghetto Dragon.