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Week 05 Pregame Picks Results!

Week 05 Leader - Rev Halofan
Overall Leader - LodiHaloFan (2 wk streak)

Kevork Djansezian

Weekly Results here!

Rev Halofan reigns supreme this week! Scoring in every game except for 1 will certainly help. Scoring a perfect 21 on Angels Blackjack also helps a lot too! Even more rare is the 3 point gap between the people who were in second! Whoo.

Overall Results here!

However! In the overall race... the top 5 members did not change! The silver medal podium has gotten a bit crowded, but the overall leader, LodiHaloFan continues atop the leaderboard for 2 weeks straight! First time this year!

The gap has increased from 2 to 3 points!

LodiHaloFan 28
angelsfan7 25
blast21dave 25
Btown100 25
1964 24