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With Yu Darvish on The Ropes, Angels Can't Deliver The Knockout

Tyler Skaggs gets gifted back into the game but hands the whole thing back to the Rangers with exhausted afternoon pitching...

Sums it up...
Sums it up...
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Anaheim: Rangers 14, Angels 3


But what I really mean is:
Final Score on Planet Mercury: Anaheim 3, Arlington: Run Differential bragging rights, you happy poindexter?

If you told me that Yu Darvish would leave the game in the bottom of the seventh with men on base and the Angels would score the third run of the game right after that, and then you asked me if I would take that, my faith in Tyler Skaggs of late would have demanded I say "Absolutely".

But young Skaggs didn't have it and when the Angels did have Darvish (and the hype one looked eminently hittable/beatable today) on the ropes they could not delievr the knockout blow despite ample opportunities.

It was just one of those games.

After 30 games, the Angels are 15-15.

In 2013 they were 11-19

In 2012 they were 13-17

In 2011 they were 16-14

In 2010 they were 12-18

In 2009 they were 16-14

In 2008 they were 18-12

In 2007 they were 17-13

In 2006 they were 13-17

Do I need to go on? They are not in the worst position in the recent history of the club but... well yeah, you kind of want them to be a little better, soon preferably, and a lot better before too long.

This was the first truly terrible starting pitching performance for the team in a long while. No need for numbers, Skaggs was lousy and when the team got back in the game he gave the runs right back up. The Angels then had Darvish cornered but let him escape and they melted into the afternoon heat. The bullpen did an "inning-each" mopup routine and watch, Nick Maronde will probably be sent down for a rested arm.

Skaggs wasn't helped by his defense and yeah, sure, Colllin Cowgill can play CF if needed but he cannot do things well, really, he had a chance to throw a runner out at the plate and gave up on the play and tossed the ball to second base on a run-scoring single that would not have been, oh why bother, we are just biding out time until two key players get healthy and then hopefully we stay healthy and take this ting. Lot of hope involved now, but keep hope alive.