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Hector's Wild Wednesday Loses Series

A record below .500 is here once again.

Harry How

Final score in Anaheim, Game 3: Yankees 9, Angels 2

WP: Vidal Nuno / LP: Hector Santiago

Hector Santiago just did not bring it tonight (or so far this season). On Wednesday night, he came in 0-5, seeking his first win in an Angel uniform. And he left before the third inning could even end. By the end of the first inning, though, the Yankees were already leading 5-0.

Following Santiago was a slew of arms from the bullpen. Mike Morin, Kevin Jepsen, Michael Kohn, and Corey Rasmus each pitched an inning or more. Nick Maronde also came in for a brief appearance. The reason Maronde's appearance got cut short was due to three runs tapping home plate.

Both Mike Trout and Albert Pujols went without getting a hit, putting The Machine below .300 once again. A bright spot in the offense came from the massive C.J. Cron, who earned himself three hits on the night.

Fittingly for the Yanks, Derek Jeter had a solo home run in his farewell appearance at The Big A. The reception (from the YES Network broadcast) was impressive.

The show rolls on when the Halos hit Toronto for the weekend. Stay tuned for a Blue Jays preview on Friday.