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Angels Swept in Oakland - Pathetic.

Another Lost Weekend

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports


If they've lost Jered Weaver, have they lost 2014?

Mike Trout is having back spasms?

Will the return of Josh Hamilton produce more buzz because of some coming stupid roster decision?

Will the love of Ibañez-like veterans never cease?

Will there ever be a strike zone that favors two pitchers with opposing styles?

And they want to drop a four man rotation to compensate for Monday's off day?

Do they need this offday more than it needs them?

Will the cement-filled legs of Albert Pujols ever allow him to hit a triple again?

Do believe in the power of the Rally Monkey?

Is a 5-5 road trip something to just accept?

Do you have any questions?

Does anyone guiding the Angels have any answers?

Will there be silence on that flight to Houston?

Would Trout have made a difference in the two games he missed?

What would you be doing differently?