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Week 09 Pregame Picks Results

Weekly Results Leader: blast21dave, stuck in Romania
Overall Leader: blast21dave

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

First... some catch up! The individual results for the games this week!

Game 49 | Game 50 | Game 51 | Game 52 | Game 53 | Game 54 | Game 55

Weekly Results here:

blast21dave takes the top spot for the week for the first time since the first week! stuck in Romania does it for the first time ever this season! Scoring big in the Over/Under game certainly helped :)

Overall Results here:

In addition to the weekly crown, blast21dave gets the overall crown as well! This is also a return to the top spot since the first week of play. However, the gap is only 1 measly point, with angelsfan7, previous overall leader, has found the silver podium comfortable once again

Here's the top 5.
It's a close match still! I think the games are nicely balanced this year, if I can pat my back a little on that.

blast21dave 47
angelsfan7 46
Btown100 44
Professor Baseball 43
designerguy 42

Now, back to some more Mario Kart...