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Pujols All Ego in Angels Loss

Basepath Blunder Blows Potential Rally

This makes me miss Callaspo
This makes me miss Callaspo
Victor Decolongon

It was a 5-1 homestand despite the terrible play of a slumping Albert Pujols and a manger who keeps him in the #3 spot in the batting order despite a gutless, ego-driven approach to batting and a kamikaze ego-blazing baserunning. For the second night in a row Albert cost his team precious run scoring chances.

This time his gutless, stupid and ultimately self-glorifying attempt to turn a double into a triple turned out to be another notch in the Yoenis Cespedes highlight reel. Pujols was out by a mile trying to turn a double - his first hard hit ball since a meaningless late inning home run on Friday night late in the game against the White Sox.

The Angels find themselves 3.5 games back of the A's, but Oakland is regressing, fear not, the juggernaut is slowing down. With a non-ego team effort and two pitches located better by starter Jered Weaver this would have been an Angels victory. The Halos are 3-6 against the A's but more than half the season awaits their collapse. All the Angels need is patience and the jock egomania to be left at the clubhouse door.