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Late Angels Rally Can't Overcome Early Soppy C.J.

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...time's tide will smother you...

Wouldn't want to lip read it anyway...
Wouldn't want to lip read it anyway...
Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Atlanta: Angels 3 Braves 4

The Braves scored four runs in the first inning and then got shut down by the Angels. The Halos mustered three runs but too little too late. They had two on and one out in the top of the eighth inning down by a run and Howie Kendrick struck out in a pretty pathetic manner and Eric Aybar slow-rolled to first. Albert Pujols had his first RBIs of the decade it seemed like when he hit a one-out opposite field single to score Kole Calhoun and Mike Trout and make it 4-3.

Then something amazing happened.

Mike Scioscia took Albert out for a pinch runner. And pinch-runner Collin Cowgill was standing there you couldn't say "surprise" with Hambone up to bat, steady in his eyes, He wanted to drive in Albert but he walked to put two on. Albert was miffed while standing on the base but he did not pull a Jose Guillen and make a scene. Big Ego but No Drama. Still batting third but maybe this was a crack in the armor. Despite his single, which was an opportunistic slo-roller, Albert was his usual dogshit self tonight.

Wilson gave up a bomb in the first that was straight out of his old petulance but then he played all mature like and threw six innings but, really, it was over - then and there. Tow more in Atlanta with lots of rain in the forecast.

With the entire globe watching the World Cup it was nice to see former President Jimmy Carter sitting in the Turner Field good seats. National Past Time and all...