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Angels Overcome Frieri Meltdown in Scioscia's Absence

That one was a kick in the teeth and then at least some relief

Scott Cunningham

It was pretty simple.

Mike Scioscia was away at Bob Welch's funeral. (RIP to one of the only "favorite Dodgers" I ever had and a role model whose sobriety surely saved some lives). Dino Ebel showed he can do just as bad a bullpen-ganking managerial job as The Soth.

Ernesto Frieri gas-canned a 5-1 Angels lead like few other gas cans have ever engulfed a game into flames.

So a nice game was suddenly a five hour game and finally, finally finally Erick Aybar started a rally which was maybe just a meltdown of the Braves bullpen, who the hell knows?

One man's Rally is another man's meltdown.

Mike Trout had a good game.

Albert Pujols was clutch for once or twice and maybe he is - oh wait, he gimped around like Bengie Molina carrying a pot roast on the basepaths. Josh Hamilton is great. Garrett Richards did great.

Light up the Halo - but dump Frieri, please.