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Angels Strand Ten in Cleveland Loss

Halos were 1 for 9 with Runners in Scoring Position.

crack of the bat
crack of the bat
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Cleveland: Angels 3 Indians 4

Well that was a perfect display of unclutch hitting.

Albert Pujols grounded out with the bases loaded.

Jered Weaver didn't have his good stuff but he gutted it out.

Josh Hamilton was 0 for 5... Hambone falling back down to earth.

Mike Trout cannot do it all and David Freese cannot do anything.

Mike Scioscia is the genius who won't Hit And Run Trout but will Hit And Run Raul Ibañez.

Chris Iannetta drove in all three runs so there is hope, right? Wrong, but yeah, okay, go ahead and believe it all.

What a confidence boost to your pitcher to play a challenge call on the second batter of the game... bad decision? The two-run home run stood after review and the Weave pitched kinda like Ghana played soccer this afternoon - better than his opponent but handcuffed by a deficit.

The Angels bats stranded ten baserunners and were 1 for 9 with Runners in Scoring Position. This is becoming a theme - the Halos just do not get it done. Call your wives and ask for confirmation gentlemen... Foreplay is great but you gotta seal the deal and score.