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Angels Admit Blame, Welcome Back Wade LeBlanc

After some roster mismanagement to protect an aging "DH" and underperforming BP cruft, the Angels' front office mans up and admits they wanted Wade LeBlanc after all.

Lefty LeBlanc is back for his crane, mugshot.
Lefty LeBlanc is back for his crane, mugshot.
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

They lost him on the waiver wire to the New York Yankees, but now he's back in yellow and black: the flagship colors of the Salt Lake Bees. Wade LeBlanc has been re-signed to a minor league contract and is off to Utah to stretch out as a starter again.

Over nine starts and 53.2 IP, lefty LeBlanc put up a 3.69 ERA, kept the walks to a minimum, and pitched to a 3.34 ERA on the road, away from the bandbox of Salt Lake. (That's not easy to do!)

A little more depth, a little more accountability, and the third best Angels minor league performer in May is back. Anticipate little, and maybe you'll get more than you expect.

Welcome back, Wade the White!