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Ernesto Frieri Must Go.

It is past time so it is time.

Shirt-Eating Does Us No Good...
Shirt-Eating Does Us No Good...
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to his appearance on Thursday afternoon in Cleveland, Ernesto Frieri had pitched 29 innings this season. To his credit he had struck out 36 batters in those 29 innings. Unfortunately he had given up 31 hits, seven of which were home runs - and this was before today's soul-crushing walk off grand slam in extras by the heretofore washed up Nick Swisher.

Prior to today his advanced stats were bad and when calculated with what transpired in Cleveland this afternoon they will be downright terrible. Frieri's FIP is 4.58... for a closer that is what you want to see... when you are the opposing team down by a few runs late.

Frieri has eleven saves in 29 appearances. Granted they were not all save situations. He was 0-4 before today. It is time. It is past time really. We should all know the fact:

Ernesto Frieri can no longer be the closer for the Angels.

Do you need more statistics? too bad. Here is a better method to determine why he must be immediately demoted:

How many more times should Frieri be put into a Save situation before he is demoted? Do we risk another game? Another three games? Do you feel comfortable allowing five more losses to be under his belt until you call for him to be removed as closer?

It is over. The search is on for the next Angels closer. It might be in house and might be in trade but this team is officially sinking and has a definite leak about which we can all agree, a leak that needs to be addressed immediately.