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Saturday Post-Ibañez Angels Lineup

Albert has a backache too.

2 and 3 hitter
2 and 3 hitter
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

The Angels have released Raul Ibañez, making sure he got his 150 Plate Appearances in order to maximize the bonuses in his contract so that he could get all of the $3.75 Million that he signed for, power to you Raul. All of the media say he was the coolest guy around, heck maybe he will be slamming bebidos in Diamond Club tonight, who the heck knows!

Grant Green is not in the lineup tonight despite being called up yesterday in exchange for Dane De La Rosa. The big reason he came into the game last night at all was the suddenly aching back of Albert Pujols, not in the lineup tonight. Let's remain confident that Albert will acquiesce into the role of permanent Designated Hitter (a role that National League alumni Mike Scioscia has never managed worth a crap) and perhaps that he will check his ego about batting third, where Mike Trout is tonight, his new Nike cleats scoring their first run last night, perhaps their first hit is in the cards for this evening.

Effren Navarro takes the roster spot of Ibañez and places him at 1B tonight. One more left-handed bat to block Cron and Green.


Kole Calhoun

Erick Aybar

Mike Trout

Josh Hamilton

Howie Kendrick

C.J. Cron (DH)

Hank Conger

David Freese

Efren Navarro (1B)

...and Jered Weaver on the mound!