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Sunday Angels Lineup: Pujols Back, Howie Sits

Albert is DHing and Howie is Pine-Sitting.

Ask Not for Whom the Gatorade Tolls, it Tolls for Thee...
Ask Not for Whom the Gatorade Tolls, it Tolls for Thee...
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It isn't just the rookies who get benched when they have an amazing game... Mike Scioscia has sat Howie Kendrick after the heating-up How-How blasted a clutch two-strike hit-and-run gap-double in extra-innings to win the can-I-hypehnate-it-anymore game last night.

Howie plays day in and day out so with tomorrow's off day he will miss Yu Darvish on the mound and have two days off, kind of like a mini-vacation, really. Grant Green is subbing for the How-How at 2B. Albert Pujols is over his Friday night back spasm that benched him last night. At DH, though, it is like he is getting day and a half off. It would be best at this point to just DH him most of the time and develop Cron's glove at 1B, but there is that pesky HOF-bound ego keeping him on the field and in the 3-Hole.

The unlucky nine who must face the superlative-inducing Darvish are:

  1. Kole Calhoun - RF
  2. Mike Trout - CF
  3. Albert Pujols - DH
  4. Josh Hamilton - LF
  5. Erick Aybar - SS
  6. C.J. Cron - 1B
  7. Hank Conger - C
  8. David WTFreese - 3B
  9. Grant Green - 2B

...and Matt Shoemaker on the mound.