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Shoemaker Leads to Complete Sweep, Angels Win 5-2

Kick 'em while they're down! Sweeping the Rangers never felt so good.

Fear this beard. Fear it.
Fear this beard. Fear it.
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Final Score in Anaheim: Angels 5 Rangers 1

WP: Matt Shoemaker (5-1) / LP: Yu Darvish (7-4)

When someone likes Yu Darvish heads to the mound, you groan. It generally does not end well when facing a strikeout machine like him. He's the kind of guy that stops all momentum and shuts down a lineup. Not tonight, folks. Things got started very early when Albert Pujols hit a ground ball right up the middle into center field and Kole Calhoun rounded to third base. Leonys Martin hurled the ball from the outfield and it went a little off from home plate and Calhoun hit the gas to try and score. Umpire called him out and Mike Scioscia immediately left his perch to argue. After review, the call was overturned and Chris Gimenez was charged with blocking home plate. In return, Ron Washington was launched out of the game. Figures that Scioscia, a former catcher, argues a home plate blockage call and wins. Thanks Mike.

Matt Shoemaker was no disappointment. Then again, only the bullpen is a disappointment right now. The Bearded Shoe dealt six strikeouts in 7.2 IP and allowed just one run. Hector Santiago entered the game followed by Joe Smith. An expected worrisome moment occurred when Brandon Snyder lifted a ball over the wall behind Mike Trout. Other than that, the pitching was smooth sailing!

C.J. Cron, the slugger the hit a home run in this series' first two games, hit another home run tonight. With Raul Ibanez finally out of the way, this guy has some time to shine. Kole Calhoun also homered. Calhoun's home run garnered two runs. And a David Freese double also brought in a run.

Starting pitching? Check. Offense? Check. Bullpen? .... Check.