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VIDEO: Mike Trout NIKE Press Conference

NIKE released the LUNAR VAPOR baseball cleat designed for Angels All Star CF Mike Trout. Fox's Chris Myer led the press conference on June 20, 2014 and Halos Heaven was there!

Eric Minh Swenson

Here is video - optimized for Mobile devices - of the Mike Tout Press Conference last Friday morning. Fox's Chris Myer leads the discussion about the Lunar Vapor, Mike Trout's signature baseball cleat.

Nike had Fox announcer Chris Myers emcee the presentation of the shoe and spoke with the shoe's designer Matthew Pauk and Nike's manager for cleats, Cameron Shick raved about working with Mike, who told them the basic outline of what he wanted in a shoe: "If I look good, I play good, so make it hot."

At the 2:28 mark is a reference to Trout's legendary nickname "The Milville Meteor" as being an inspiration into the design of the shoe - and one can imagined an abstracted meteor glow on the hot red/yellow pair sitting next to Trout in this video.

Trout has worn custom Lunar Vapors since this debut in games, albeit ones more in line with the team's colors of red, white and silver.Rumor is he may wear the more colorful pair pictured here in the July All Star Game.