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VIDEO: Mike Trout - The Halos Heaven Interview

A quick chat with a superstar.

Eric Minh Swenson

Mike Tout was inundated with mainstream media at the press event for the release of his signature Lunar Vapor baseball cleat.

A Fox outlet insisted talking about other teams and other baseball players and of course, his new Nike show, so while I waited my turn I thought we better get the discussion back to what is most important about Mike Trout - his team. So when I walked up and shook his hand (good grip, Trout is no cold fish), I told Mike that Halos Heaven wanted to talk Angels he smiled broadly and said he was happy to do so.

Here is our quick chat:

What would you have asked Trout had you gotten the chance to interview him? Is there any Angels player with whom you would like to have a quick interview? Albert Pujols or Jered Weaver higher on your list than Trout?

Cool thing about Mike was he listened well and was generally enthused to be interacting with the media. Obviously thrilled to be debuting his own Nike shoe, he had the air about him of wanting to make sure that he did the best he could in the promotional event - a team player through and through.