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Angels Trade Ernesto Frieri for Jason Grilli


Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Did not see this coming!

Jerry Dipoto is a JEDI NINJA, working in the background and grabbing veteran reliever Jason Grilli from the Pittsburgh Pirates in exchange for Mike Scioscia's favorite five-chambered Russian Roulette game himself, Ernesto Frieri.

Don't get excited thinking that the veteran reliever is the answer at closer - he had a 4.87 ERA in PIttsburgh this season with eleven Saves (same number as Ernasty this year with the Halos). He was an All Star with the Pirates last year and netted 33 Saves on the way to helping the Bucs to a quick Postseason, but he has been notoriously wonky in the past, bouncing around from team to team after getting one's hopes up with a good few months and then dashing and slashing, dashing expectations and slashing pennant hopes. Hey, wait, sounds like Frieri, doesn't it?

On Baseball Reference Dot Com, readers can examine an historical stat analysis of what player in baseball history any other player is most like. Here IS THE LINK to Grilli's historical comps. The relief pitcher that Grilli has the most in common with? Well #2 on the list is.... Wait for it.... JERRY DIPOTO!