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Albert Pujols Has a Swollen Excuse in His Groin

What causes a swollen lymph node in the groin?

F for Effort, A for Excuses
F for Effort, A for Excuses
Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The Orange County Register's Jeff Fletcher was given the offer of a lifetime:

I'd say when a future Hall of Famer offers you a chance to feel the bulge in his groin, you RUN rather than tweet.

In the sixth inning of the game on Sunday, Albert Pujols hit what looked like a sure double. With Alex Gordon fielding the ball, though, getting to 2B in a timely manner was of the essence.

The future Hall of Famer pulled up on running, did not slide, did not accelerate and walked in the last three steps to the bag - just enough time to get tagged out on arrival.

Postgame, Her Majesty Albert had an excuse: our Not-All-Star 1B has swollen lymph node in his groin. He describes it as being as big as a golfball. Right away he let's everyone know that it is not preventing him from hitting (terrible Plate Appearances for the last week are of course to blame) and his egomania-enabling manager Mike Scioscia nodded in agreement, assuring us that Albert will be in the lineup.

I told this all to my wife and all she had to say was:

If it hurts him to run he should have stopped at first.

What say you?