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Wade LeBlanc Now a Yank, Dane DeLaRosa a Bee

Player Moves for June 3, 2014

...i've got nothing to day but its okay...
...i've got nothing to day but its okay...
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Chances are you will never be on a job interview and asked about the intricacies of MLB's 40-Man roster waiver protocol.

On your deathbed, when asked for your life's shining achievement, please don' aspire to be the one who can explain MLB's policy for rehabbing injured players who are on the 40-Man roster but still have minor league options.

Of course, if you ever get a job in the Angels front office, by all means, master these loopholes, as Jerry Dipoto seems to have.

When the Angels sent pitcher Wade LeBlanc down to the minors, they were required to run him through waivers. Had no team claimed him he would have been off the 40-Man Roster and pitching for Salt Lake City. But a team claimed him and now he is the property of the New York Yankees. To make room for him on their 40-man roster, the Yankees moved pitcher Michale Pineda to the 60-Day DL.

Today was the deadline for relief pitcher Dane De La Rosa to finish his injury rehabilitation in the minors. He has not gotten anywhere near major-league ready and so the Angels removed him form the disabled list and placed him on the active roster for the Salt Lake Bees where he will rehab as part of live games in between rehabbings.

Is there an upside to any of this? LeBlanc was sheer roster filler. De La Rosa's absence is an extra chance that relief prospect Cam Bedrosian may make it to the big club sooner rather than later.