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Mike Trout Leaves Game With Back Stiffness

Not exactly great news...

Jeff Gross

The Angels may be reeling. Mike Trout left the game tonight after one AB and one inning in the field. He struck out in the top of the first in Houston and was replaced in the field by Collin Cowgill in the bottom of the second inning. Trout had missed Saturday and Sunday's games with what was labeled upper back stiffness. Yesterday was an offday for the Angels.

In his lone Plate Appearance, Trout seemed to labor after each pitch, and was taking longer than normal when stepping out of the batter's box.

Trout leads all of baseball in fan votes for the upcoming All Star Game. Tuesday night saw the Angels opening day nine start all together in the lineup for the first time since the first week of April. Josh Hamilton's return to the club was supposed to boost the offense. The whole thing lasted an inning. The Angels have referred to the reason for his departure form Tuesday night's game as "mid-back discomfort".