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Wednesday Halolinks: Wilson was sick, coaches didn't notice

Maybe they did notice, but they decided to ignore it.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to play "Angels' Apologist"!

You probably heard, Angels' starter C.J. Wilson was feeling under the weather last night and had been battling an upper-respiratory problem the last couple of days, reswulting in his sub-par performance. So those 5 runs he gave up last night weren't his fault!

Okay, I'm done making excuses. I'd like to point out that one of the responsibilities of being a manager or coach is to evaluate your players and to understand their situations. One would think SOMEONE on the Angels' coaching staff would've known Wilson was sick and the club would have acted accordingly. I'm not saying they should have skipped his start or pushed him back a day or two, although that probably wouldn't have been a bad idea, but how about keeping a close eye on his pitches and keep him on a very short leash. He just walked the bases loaded? You might want to pull him. No, let's wait until he gives up five runs.

  • Hey Mike. Hey Butch! Your sick starter just threw an 86 mph fastball.  And his name's not Weaver.You might want to take notice that he might not be tip-top today: Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros - June 3, 2014 - ""I threw a fastball at 86 today," Wilson pointed out. "I just had nothing in the tank. My job is to go out there and pitch, so I just went out there and pitched. I didn't pitch very well, which is unfortunate because our team needed the game tonight. I feel like if I get out of that third inning maybe it gives our offense a little bit of a boost or something like that."
  • Oh yeah, and that Trout kid is a little banged up: Angels lose game and maybe Mike Trout - Los Angeles Times. "Trout said he "didn't feel comfortable" when the game started. "I didn't want to risk it and push it too much," Trout said. "I felt something and it's the same thing I've been feeling for a couple of days." Asked how concerned he was, Trout replied, "Not too concerned. [I] made progress over the last two days, so it was obviously getting better, but just don't want to push it too much where it gets worse."

  • Hamilton returns, but Trout aggravates back in Angels loss - The Orange County Register. "At least the Angels got back Hamilton, who had not played since he tore a ligament in his thumb April 8. He had been swinging the bat well before he got hurt, and it continued during his three-game rehab assignment. In his first at-bat Tuesday, he drilled a ball about 420 feet to straightaway center field, a homer anyplace except the cavernous 435-foot center field at Minute Maid Park. In his final at-bat of the day, he pulled a homer into the right-field seats. In between, he struck out and walked."
  • Here's a very interesting post: Peephole Into the Postseason: Winners vs. Winners – The Hardball Times. "In an appearance on MLB Network’s Clubhouse Confidential, he gave examples from both groups: Josh Hamilton and Derek Jeter. Hamilton feasts on poorer pitchers while struggling against the aces; Jeter doesn’t run up his numbers against the staff filler, but holds up well when facing the studs. Jeter certainly doesn’t reverse the splits, hitting better against good pitchers, but he narrows them a good deal, while Hamilton’s split is quite wide."
Player Regular Season Postseason
Josh Hamilton .296/.356/.531 .227/.295/.424
Derek Jeter .312/.380/.444 .308/.374/.465
  • Given the task of ending the Angels' longest losing streak this season falls on Garrett Richards. His last start was pretty bad. The one before that was good. And the one before that, against Houston, was poor. Los Angeles Angels at Houston Astros - June 4, 2014 - Preview. "Richards will look to bounce back from the ugly outing when he and the Angels take on the Astros at Minute Maid Park on Wednesday. Houston, however, has had decent success against Richards, who has allowed six runs in 12 innings while striking out eight and walking seven in his two starts against the Astros this season. The Astros will counter with righty Jarred Cosart, who has struggled to keep runners off the basepaths all season. He averages 4.5 walks per nine innings and has a 4.18 ERA."
  • I'm pretty excited about this: Bedrosian promoted, Kohn demoted to Minors - "Cam has been on our radar for a while now, and our player-development people have been putting a lot of time on him, getting a lot of evaluations and paying a lot of attention to just exactly where he is," Scioscia said. "I think everybody's comfortable with the fact that he's making his pitches and his stuff will play in the big leagues."
  • When I read this Joe Posnanski post, it made me think of the Angels. Not because of their drafting record, but because they seem to fall into the traps Joe writes about here: Moneyball and Bubba - HardballTalk. "I learned about 10 million things when talking with Oakland’s Director of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi, who is utterly brilliant and will be a GM very soon. But one thing that sticks with me most is how the A’s will spend countless hours and endless energy trying to avoid traps. People who run baseball teams are constantly running into traps. This player throws 100 mph but can’t throw strikes — hey, take a chance. This player wants more money than he’s worth but can help the team — hey, take a chance. This player can’t hit yet but his attitude is off the chart — hey, take a chance. This player is a local legend and people are saying he’s a future star — hey, take a chance. All of these are traps." The trap the Angels fell into this season was hoping an aging hitter, just coming off a horrible second half, will be able to defy his age and hit well. And then compound that trap by falling deeper into it by continuing to play the old guy, expecting him to turn it around.
  • If you've spent more than 5 minutes on the internet, you've probably already seen this, but...

  • Here's some rumor stuff: Cotillo's Latest: Starting pitching market starting to heat up as trade deadline approaches - MLB Daily Dish. "A collection of notes from around the league as we move towards the draft and trade deadline."
  • Have you heard, the Oakland A's are a team of unknowns! How Josh Donaldson Became One Of The Best Players In Baseball. "If I asked you to name the player who has accumulated the second-most WAR over the last calendar year, you'd probably flip a coin in your head to decide between Mike Trout and Miguel Cabrera. Or maybe you'd get a little creative, and name Yasiel Puig or Andrew McCutchen. One guy who probably wouldn't immediately pop into your head is Josh Donaldson, the 28-year-old A's third baseman who has accumulated 8.2 WAR over his last 158 games. Two years ago, he was struggling to keep his spot on a major-league roster."
  • Male fan taken off on stretcher after falling into Milwaukee Brewers' bullpen - ESPN. ""He was on the ground before I started warming up," Kintzler said after the Brewers' 6-4 loss, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. "I thought he died. We were sitting there and (bullpen catcher) Marcus (Hamel) yelled, 'Oh, gosh!' We saw the net (over the bullpen area) come flying down. I think the net caught him, then he just face-planted. He didn't move for a few minutes. I thought he was dead."