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Week 10 Pregame PIcks Results

Week 10 Leader: stuck in Romania
Overall Leader: blast21dave (2 wk streak), designerguy

Joe Scarnici

Some catch up...

Game 60 | Game 61

Week 10 Results here
stuck in Romania
has a repeat performance by scoring an impressive 10 spot for the 2nd week in a row! Being the only one to score a big 5 spot in the over/under game is worth a tip of the hat for sure! designerguy was just 1 point short from the top spot!

Overall Results here
designerguy and blast21dave are tied for the top spot at 51 apiece! designerguy's 2nd place finish for the week assisted the jump from 5th into 1st place overall! Its the first week we have a shared leader overall! Woo

Here is the top 10

designerguy 51
blast21dave 51
angelsfan7 48
Btown100 47
Professor Baseball 46
atlantangel 45
LodiHaloFan 44
angelslogic 43
drtrix 43
Chone's Chonies 42