Mike Trout vs Troy Tulowitzki

Dude is totally afraid of Trout. - USA TODAY Sports

I'm sure you guys haven't heard since we're all deep into the Angels season hoping for a playoff spot but for the past couple of weeks, our "friends" at Purple Row (Rockies) have been putting on a series of articles on why they believe Troy Tulo is better than our beloved Mike Trout.

Here's their first article:

•Basically this entire article talks about how Trout cant be the best player because he's doesnt play a prime enough position and that Tulo at shortshop is better than Trout at CF. And how Trout is the Adrian Peterson of baseball. What's the funniest of the entire article is he talks about how Troy Tulo isn’t just a product of his ballpark (which happens to be the best hitters park in all of baseball), even tho the stats entire favor that he’s only great at home. (2014) Tulo Home- .608/.677/1.098……Tulo Road- .250/.365/.500…

Here’s the 2nd article:

•Here he talks about how the gap between the next SS is bigger than the gap between Trout and next best CF (however fails to realize so is Miggy and 1st basemen and Josh Donaldson and 3rd basemen but that doesn’t mean they’re better than Trout).

Finally here’s the 3rd article:

•Here he gets in more depth how the gap between Trout and other CFers isn’t as big as people think and how they translates into Tulo being better.

What I don’t get is how any of what he writes about makes Tulo better than Trout. Trout’s been healthier, has outplayed him in almost every single category since 2012 (BA, HR, RBI, Runs, WAR, etc.).

Basically what I’m getting at is I need some help setting the record straight. I get they’re Rockies fans but I’ve never seen more of a stretch to justify somebody being the best in the game than that. Tulo isn’t even top 5 yet. I wish for some of you guys to join me as I try to set the record straight to them, maybe even get some help with some of our regular writers like Stirrups, JustJDawg, Rev Halofan..

I just want to let these Rockies writers know we have the best player by far in the game and they’re just insane.

Can I get any help.

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