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Annual Halos Heaven Vegas AllStar Week Fest

Yes Sin City is our destination for the All Star Game

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Every summer Halos Heaven gets together over the All Star Break in beautiful Las Vegas Nevada for fun and debauchery. We have had a slew of odd adventures there. One year you cannot believe what happened ...oh wait what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? Well anyway, suffice to day there are newbies to the weekend and there are veterans, returning champions and all sorts of riff raff that make up this site.

The meetup goes like this - Sunday night we get together for an informal hanging out - one year we met up at bar with video poker and someone got a four of a kind and bought everyone drinks. Another year we went to the KISS Miniature Golf Course and Moondoggy proved he was the reincarnation of Jack Nicklaus (and explained how one could be the reincarnation of someone who is not yet dead). Closer to the actual event we will post an itinerary of what exactly each day will entail.

On Monday there is the home run derby - we get together at a sports book, bet on the contest and then watch it together.

On Tuesday we find a big place that will seat us and watch the All Star Game. Last year it was at Caesars Palace and I personally won many of my bets, how did you do?

Along the way we have a scavenger hunt, a penny slot tournament and a pinball playoff at the National Pinball Hall of Fame. The itinerary will be posted in the coming weeks. We have been doing this so many years that there are places we used to hold events at which are now closed (Our Dollar Craps Tournament at the legendary Western Casino and Hotel was known around the world and our Penny Slot tourney was born at the late great Gold Spike hotel and casino) and long bulldozed ...and yet they still can't keep us away.

We congregate in the DOWNTOWN Vegas part of town. This saves money on hotel costs over those fancy tourist traps on the Vegas Strip and keeps us close together before we go out prowling the streets. Book your own hotel for the nights you want to stay:

MAIN STREET STATION - near Ladybug's favorite Vegas brewery.

PLAZA HOTEL - close to the greyhound station.

EL CORTEZ HOTEL - they cleaned it up a but but it is still the greatest dive left in Sin City.

THE FOUR QUEENS HOTEL - in the middle of Fremont street downtown if you like being in the center of things.

THE GOLDEN NUGGET - This is like a Strip hotel it is so upper-crusty. If you have a high maintenance spouse who demands the finer things in life, dump her, grab an internet hoochie and live it up at this fancy place for one-fifth the cost of a comparable Strip hotel.

THE GOLDEN GATE - It looks like one of the nights of our stay here is going for nine bucks, quick book it before Mrs. Halofan insists I save ten bucks and end up at this dive.

THE D HOTEL - This used to be Fitzgerald's - they took out the Leprechaun statues and now its supposed to be upscale, but sleazy is always making a comeback in beautiful Downtown Vegas.

There are other casino-hotels in downtown but this is a good cross-section and any of these beats the Motel 6 you were likely conceived at. Book your rooms for any or all the nights we are going to be there. Ain't no Angels games in Anaheim Sunday thru Wednesday so you may as well party on with us.

Obviously this is an adult excursion and kids are not allowed at most of the places we will be going. This is a no pressure outing, you are under no pressure to drink or gamble but we would like you to have fun. We have been doing this for years and it is a casual, fun time. We nerd out, dress up in our finest Angels jerseys and teeshirts and generally draw attention to ourselves in memorable ways.

Some past recollections:
Hazy 2008 posting LINK

and the time we did this in September to celebrate Gene Autry's 100th birthday LINK

There were other debaucherous forays into sin city decked out in halos. Shhhhhh....