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Collin Cowgill Nosebleed Update

Ouch ... and double ouch

Blood On The Tracks
Blood On The Tracks
Jim Cowsert-USA TODAY Sports

Angels Left Fielder Collin Cowgill left the game after a bunt attempt bounced into his face in the seventh inning of Saturday night's game in Arlington, Texas. The richochet left a bloody gash for all to see and he walked off under his own power.

He was stitched up in the clubhouse and sent to a local hospital for observation. The bigger worry is actually that the pitch may have hit his thumb on his bunt attempt. This would explain the severe ricochet, but little explains the gusher of blood fans were treated too.

It was the most blood most fans will ever see in a baseball game.

Cowgill, batting .277 as the team's fourth outfielder, had a hit, a walk and a stolen base in the game when he stepped up to the plate with no outs and Hank Conger on 2B. The high fastball was not the best pitch one could bunt and the aftermath of the ricochet was ruled a foul ball, Cowgill a little too busy with staying conscious to argue that it was a HBP to the thumb.

Efren Navarro came in as a pinch hitter and took over for Cowgill in LF. Navarro was called up to the club with Drew Rucinski being sent down before today's game.

Cowgill is currently listed as "day-to-day" which means he is not presently considered injured enough to replace with another player. But there is no way he is playing on Sunday.