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2014 All-Star Preview

The World Cup is over! Sit "back back back back back" and enjoy Chris Berman on Monday night with Home Run Derby. Then Tuesday night on FOX, listen to Joe Buck and Harold Reynolds call the All-Star Game.

Wipe that sweat off and relax!
Wipe that sweat off and relax!
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Home Run Derby: July 14 5:00pm -- ESPN

Does the Home Run Derby need pregame coverage that spans across multiple channels for a few hours? Not at all. But it is programming and sports networks are going to jump at any chance to make that live programming. ESPN, FOX Sports 1, and MLB Network are all carrying out pregame coverage with most of it happening live from Target Field in Minneapolis.

Here is how the networks are leading up to the Home Run Derby:

  • ESPN: SportsCenter (throughout the day), Baseball Tonight (4:00pm)
  • FOX Sports 1: MLB Whiparound (10:00am), America's Pregame (1:30pm)
  • MLB Network: All-Star Press Conference (10:00am), High Heat with Christopher Russo (1:00pm), Intentional Talk (2:00pm), MLB Tonight (3:00pm)

For the actual event, ESPN is putting the best choice possible at the forefront of their twenty-first Home Run Derby this year. His name is Chris Berman and he is he knows a thing or two about the event. Following the Home Run Derby, ESPN will replay the All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game.

American League participants: Jose Bautista, Brian Dozier, Adam Jones, Yoenis Cespedes, Josh Donaldson

National League participants: Troy Tulowitzki, Todd Frazier, Yasiel Puig, Giancarlo Stanton, Justin Morneau

All-Star Game: July 15 5:00pm -- FOX

FOX Sports is not hosting day-long coverage on its cable network even though it will be airing the game on its broadcast network. Oddly, FOX Sports 1 has more live coverage for the Home Run Derby than the actual All-Star Game. ESPN is going the lightest while MLB Network is going heavy with the day's festivities starting with the red carpet.

  • ESPN: SportsCenter (throughout the day, 3:00pm)
  • FOX Sports 1: America's Pregame -- All-Star Edition (1:30pm)
  • MLB Network: MLB All-Star Red Carpet Show (12:00pm), High Heat with Christopher Russo (1:00pm), Intentional Talk (2:00pm), MLB Tonight (3:00pm)

Joe Buck, Harold Reynolds, and Tom Verducci are voicing this year's All-Star Game. Tim McCarver is gone and that is why Reynolds and Verducci are in the booth. Buck and Reynolds are notably disliked by many fans, but Verducci will surely add some interest to the game with his vast knowledge of the sport. It is Derek Jeter's All-Star Game and FOX has been actively working on getting him wired for sound bites. We are guaranteed plenty of video packages regarding The Captain, though.

Now let's hope Mike Trout wins the MVP Award for the game!!